Join us this Advent season as we prepare the way for the arrival of the christ child.

This Advent season finds us in a continual space of longing. Longing for a return to the safety of physical connection to our community, to our family, to each other. A time of connection that is potentially dangerous, still, if not done with care, concern, and compassion for our loved ones and our neighbor, by wearing a mask everywhere we go and being vaccinated and boosted. An expectation that can and has often felt burdensome, especially as we near the end of our second year in this pandemic season together, but in that expectation, as in the season of Advent, there is a hope, there is light, there is a newness of life that is coming, if only we prepare the way.

We find ourselves once more in the season of Advent, a season that is built upon longing, on preparation, on expectation, on the hope that is coming with Christmas, the arrival of the light of the world walking amongst us once more.

We invite you to join us in this season of longing, of preparation, of expectation, of hope.

Preparing and making room for the arrival of the Christ child with us, again.

We hope that you will join us in person or online this Advent season for worship, Sunday mornings for Holy Eucharist (filled with the stories and songs of this season) at 10:30am or Sunday evenings for Advent Vespers (sung Evening Prayer) at 5pm.